2015 – Lifestyle Medicine Trailblazer


John Kelly

Medical Director and School of Massage Director
Black Hills Health & Education Center (BHHEC.org)

Adjunct Faculty, Preventive Medicine
Loma Linda University School of Medicine


2015 – Lifestyle Medicine Trailblazer

  • John Kelly

    Dr. John,” as he is affectionately called by patients and staff, is passionate about Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Kelly completed his undergraduate education in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude as a McMurran Scholar. He then completed the Dual Degree Program at Loma Linda University, receiving his MD in 2000, and his MPH in Epidemiology in 2002 with honors. He completed residency training in Preventive Medicine in 2003 and received ABPM Board certification in January 2004. Dr. Kelly was also trained in massage and hydrotherapy by Dr. Charles Thomas, a master of physical medicine known for his hydrotherapy expertise.

    Dr. Kelly received the American Medical Association’s Excellence in Medicine Award in 2004 as a Young Physician for his work in establishing the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, the medical specialty society for clinicians who specialize in the use of therapeutic lifestyle interventions in the treatment and management of disease. (www.lifestylemedicine.org) He served as the founding President for ACLM.

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    After completing medical training Dr. Kelly accepted an appointment as Assistant Research Professor in the Nutrition Department at Loma Linda University with the Lifestyle Research Initiative. He conducted a multi-center outcomes analysis of lifestyle centers in the U.S. and served as Co-PI for a multi-$million diabetes research project in the Marshall Islands. He is now working with ongoing studies investigating the use of therapeutic lifestyle interventions in the treatment and management of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and related chronic diseases. He serves as Medical Director for outpatient lifestyle programs in Maryland and Virginia. (www.LivingWellLifestyleProgram.com)

    Dr. Kelly enjoys sharing the scientific evidence for using lifestyle to treat and prevent disease with his patients, other practitioners, researchers and the public. He gives invited expert presentations on Lifestyle Medicine, Epigenetics and other topics internationally. He has also served as a Lifestyle Medicine consultant. Other interests include family life, Christian ministry, agriculture, hiking and camping, computing, and the origin of life.

    “I am providing a LM Fellowship program at the Black Hills Health & Education Center here in South Dakota. Dr. Jeni Shull is our first fellow. I plan to incorporate the LM curriculum Liana has developed into the training and want to provide a certificate of completion for Jeni. I am also planning to get an endorsement from the LM residency program at Loma Linda. This first fellowship will be 3-6 months in length and will prepare the fellow to establish and conduct effective intensive LM treatment programs. Cummins Diesel will sponsor the fellow and Black Hills will provide the training and room & board. This first fellowship will allow us to work out the wrinkles for what I hope can become an ACLM-endorsed and supported clinical LM training program. I have talked with Wayne and he is quite supportive of the fellowship, and the fellow. I will be talking with Liana shortly. It is my goal to help move LM forward for all parties involved.”

Lifestyle Medicine Trailblazer

Presented by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation, this award recognizes an individual who is currently providing leadership in the field of Lifestyle Medicine, helping strengthen the foundation laid by others, while advancing it through innovation.  This individual is recognized for the extraordinary contributions he or she has made in any one of several domains, such as:

  • Patient Care: A healthcare provider who is practicing lifestyle medicine to provide extraordinary quality and compassionate patient care.
  • Education: An accomplished healthcare educator who is incorporating aspects of lifestyle medicine into training and inspiring the next generation of healthcare providers.
  • Research: A researcher who is on the cutting edge of research to ultimately advance lifestyle medicine and improve patient care.
  • Innovation: A person who is breaking new ground in a healthcare arena through an advancement, improvement of efficiencies, an IT product or a novel initiative, while incorporating the principles of lifestyle medicine.
  • Management: A healthcare leader who is exceeding expectations when it comes to influencing growth and development of healthcare and lifestyle medicine to meet the needs of the community.
  • Community Service: A healthcare provider making a meaningful contribution to community health improvement, including, but not limited to, increasing access to healthcare and lifestyle medicine for low-income residents.

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  1. Marc Braman

    John, thank you for launching the professional society to represent us who believe in addressing the cause of disease as the best treatment. Without your initiative of just getting out there and getting things started, we would not be where we are today. You blazed a path enabling us to collectively move toward the promised land in healthcare.

    With much gratitude for setting us on this path, we look forward to many more years of your passion and contributions in moving lifestyle medicine forward. Thank you!

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